Tuesday, February 9, 2010

i've got a few drawings in a show at the thinkspace gallery in LA this coming weekend-
should be a cool show, damon soule is having a solo in the main room


  1. hi wesley,
    when i look at your drawings i wonder, do you plan them or do you react to what's happening during the process and create spontaneously, do you "improvise" so to speak?
    just wondering, cause your drawings ain't really studies, more like finished pieces with a plan, at least behind the composition.

    best, martin :)

  2. beautiful. the first one is amazing.

  3. Dear Wesley,
    Wow...amazingly beautiful!! So impressive. Your drawings inspire me and remind me of the power of lines, compositition, siplicity and sensitiveness. Keep up your wonderful work! I look forward to upcoming your work.

  4. really love your sketches <3

  5. I found www.wesleyburt.com/drawingsamples.html using stumbleupon.com, and fell utterly in love with your skills and style! Love the way you manage to mesh everything so perfectly.. Your work is truly inspirational to me, I wanna pick up my pencils again! Keep up the good work :)

  6. Hey! (: My mom actually found you, and suggested I check you out, so I did.. and boy, am I glad I did.. Wesley, these are amazing! I'm just starting out with art, and I find your collage-like sketches just wonderful.. My favorite is the keyboard playing man on the tree stump. Definitely looking forward to more from you! (:
    If you have time, perhaps you could check out my own blog..? Feel free to leave a comment, critique all you want.. I have plenty of room to improve. You can find me at http://kendrakruse.blogspot.com/
    Thanks again! (:

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