Tuesday, December 15, 2009

have a quick update here with a few sketches i have in the Power in Numbers 4 show currently up at Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, CA.!

Power In Numbers (PIN) combines a love of art with philanthropy for our biggest event of the year!

Our 4th Annual Power in Numbers (PIN4) event aims to be more epic than ever as we invite artists and illustrators from all backgrounds, industries and aesthetics to take part in creating art for a cause. Having been consistently well received in the past, the PIN exhibit features
over 100 international and local artists creating 5" X 7", 2-dimentional, original artwork in the desired medium and theme of their choosing.

Each artwork piece will be priced at $100
.00 and a selection of artworks will be auctioned. A portion of the night’s sales will benefit the American Red Cross (San Gabriel Pomona Valley Chapter) on emergency response efforts.

Here are the three drawings I submitted to the show and I believe two of them are still available on Gallery Nucleus' site! EDIT: all sold! thanks everyone!


  1. Fantastic drawings. My favorite from these three is second one. Lots of subtle hidden images going on.

  2. Nucleus is an awesome Gallery/Bookstore!
    How long are you in LA for?


  3. shit...all sold. I totally would have grabbed one at that price. THey are awesome.

  4. Uauh! I really love the first! :O

  5. So beautiful. Thanks for inspiring!

  6. speechless ^^ !!! c'est trop jolie !!BRAVO!!!

  7. You're one of my favorite artists. You've been inspiring me for 6 years. Just found this blog recently and it was like hitting gold. Keep it up!

  8. hi! i just found your work on Stumbleupon. Love your work

  9. Great to see something new after 4-5 years. Thank you so much for sharing these.
    After the first time I saw your sketches and heard how young you were I got so inspired I wanted to work at massive black and study artists who are that good on a daily basis. Man, That sounded like disney world on steroids.
    In retrospect I can see that your pieces were gas for my ass. I moved from riyadh to sf back in 07 and attended AAU because I really wanted to work at massive black. But, of course, I wasn't picky I just wanted someone to tell me what to draw and pay me.
    I ended up transferring to USF and now I'm majoring in Architecture. No art industry where I'm from.
    I couldn't possibly imagine the significance and wide spread nature of art had it not been for people like you. Thank you for putting up this blog, man.

  10. Oh, yeah, and for the longest time I would have categorized your work as fantasy. Then I moved to San Francisco.

  11. So Wesley Burt, man I only say Amazing and aweosme artworks and illustrations!!! Congratulations, I love your style and how you can really do that, a great artworks with soft pencil, perfect traces and harmony contantly in your lines and how you see the world and people.
    Success always!!!