Friday, October 16, 2009

Alternative Press Expo- Art and Comics Convention

APE-Con this weekend here in San Francisco!

I'll be there working the Massive Black/ table...we have a bunch of new merch...books, t-shirts, a new ashcan sketchbook series...
I'll have two different mini sketchbooks for sale and will be making drawings for people too.
Should be a good time.


  1. Ohhh so nice! i wish i could order these online!

  2. Aw, seems like this is going to be an fun event.. I second the first coment, is there a slight possibilty that these sketchbooks get availble online in future ? I´d buy one immedeatly !

    Otherwise, I´d like to thank you for the link. I have much Respect for your work ! :)

  3. I'm very happy that I can finally see some recent works from you!

  4. damn, sucks ill miss that. Hope you'll have fun !
    and thanks for linking me ! :)

  5. That's great idea, the MB Sketchbook series, are these ever going to be available for online purchase or is it just a one time thing ?

    I'm a huge fan btw, and it's great that you have this blog :)

  6. thanks guys!

    i'm going to try to make one of my sketchbooks available to purchase online soon, stay tuned!